Celebrities: 10 αλλαγές μαλλιών που θα σας εμπνεύσουν


Το χειμώνα μπορείτε να αλλάξετε όλη την γκαρνταρόμπα, να γίνετε πανέμορφη αλλάζοντας μέχρι και το μακιγιάζ σας, αλλά τι γίνεται με τα μαλλιά σας;

Γνωρίζετε ότι ένα χτένισμα διαφορετικό ή μια αλλαγή στο χρώμα μπορούν να σας κάνουν να φαίνεστε εντελώς αγνώριστη! Εδώ είναι οι δέκα από τις καλύτερες αλλαγές στα μαλλιά των celebrities εμπνευσμένες από το χειμώνα, που θα σας ξετρελάνουν.

Amanda Seyfried

When: September 2016 What: Brunette wig  Why we love it: Seyfried has been photographed around New York City sporting a brunette bob and bangs. She's filming a futuristic film called ANON, though, so there's a good chance this look is a wig. 

Mila Kunis

When: July 2016 What: A pinned bob Why we love it: The mom-to-be is known for sporting long silky brunette locks, so the length change is surely a due surprise. But what makes the new 'do even more lovable is that it's temporary—the actress pinned up the ends of her hair for a realistic flapper-esque bob, minus the commitment.

Lucy Hale

When: October 29, 2016 What: Blonde hair Why we love it: Lucy Hale looks great with any hair color, but the blonde is such a refreshing change and the timing is perfect. She just wrapped production on Pretty Little Liars and closed a big chapter in her life, so why not celebrate with a new look? 

Zoë Kravitz

When: October 24, 2016 What: Platinum hair Why we love it: There's perhaps no hair transformation more drastic than going platinum blonde, yet Zoë Kravitz pulls it off expertly. We especially love the contrast of her dark brows with her new icy hue.

Diane Kruger

When: October 20, 2016 What: A fall lob Why we love it: Diane Kruger always looks amazing and that includes with a lob. The new cut is fun and casual, especially with the messy style highlighted in Kruger's Instagram post. 

Jenna Dewan Tatum

When: October 14, 2016 What: Choppy bangs Why we love it: Jenna Dewan Tatum knows what works for her: a short, shaggy bob in a dark raven hue. These new bangs she debuted on Instagram are a fresh riff on her tried-and-true theme, plus they accentuate her gorgeous bone structure.  


When: October 12, 2016 What: Slick and shiny hair Why we love it: And just like that, Rihanna's amazing locs moment has come to an end. We loved it while it lasted. The singer stepped out last night sporting long hair so shiny, you'd never know it just went through a drastic transformation. But such is the magic of Rihanna.

Bella Hadid

When: October 26, 2016 What: Wispy Bangs Why we love it: Bella Hadid traded in her usually sleek locks for a new look last night: blunt bangs and a topknot reminiscent of the hair look at the Christian Dior spring 2017 show. Which makes sense, since she was attending a celebration for the brand's new book The Art of Color and wearing a dress fresh off the runway. So are these the real deal? No—they're likely the work of some clip-in fringe if we've learned anything from watching her sister Gigi.

Demi Lovato

When: October 21, 2016 What: Brunette hair Why we love it: Demi Lovato went blonde for less than a week before dying her hair back to brunette. She looks great with any hair color, but we have a soft spot for her naturally dark locks. 

Kylie Jenner

When: October 6, 2016 What: Rose-gold hair Why we love it: The 19-year-old beauty guru is a fan of drastic hair changes, but her latest update is a subtle one. After bleaching her natural hair platinum blonde, she showed off a new rose-gold tint on Instagram today.

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